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Fuel pressure control valves

Also known as a Fuel regulating valve

Check if your diesel system is Bosch, Delphi , Siemens or Denso

Bosch fuel pressure regulator
Bosch fuel pressure regulator

Car manufacturers make diesel cars, they don’t make the diesel system, they ‘buy it in’ from specialists like Bosch, Delphi Siemens or Denso

siemens pump control vavle
Siemens pump valve

What is the fuel control valve?

The Fuel pressure control valve is essentially a solenoid which is kept cool by circulating diesel fuel.

Where will you find the fuel pressure control valve?

Sometimes fitted to the high pressure pump, or on the fuel rail.

What does the fuel control valve do?

The job of the fuel control valve is to maintain a constant pressure in the common-rail fuel rail.

When the rail empties,  the valve shuts and allows fuel from the high pressure pump to fill the rail again.  
As the rail fills to maximum,  the valve opens to allow fuel to escape back to the vehicle’s fuel storage tank.

The Fuel Control Valve is a Safety feature built into the system to prevent over-pressure.

Bosch fuel rail control valve
Bosch fuel rail control valve



What happens when the valve goes wrong?  The control valve must be replaced – it cannot be repaired

Siemens fuel rail control valv
Siemens fuel rail control valve