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Hello and welcome to Diesel Injectors Uk Ltd.  

We are Diesel Injectors UK Ltd., a business operating in Ipswich, in the east of England.

We have over 25 years experience with diesel engines and diesel components.

We sell a wide range of diesel parts including

  • injectors, injector nozzles,
  • pumps, fuel pump regulators
  • fuel pressure sensors, fuel pressure regulators,
  • air flow meters,
  • boost pressure sensors, lambda sensors,
  • ABS brake sensors and ECU’s

This range of diesel parts and components covers all the market leading brands in the automotive industry including :

  • Bosch,  Delphi,  Siemens,  Denso,  Hella and ATE.

Here on the diesel-injectors website you can find out about the products we sell and get more information about diesel.

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Contact us for more information about sensors, regulators, pumps and injectors as well as turbos for diesel and petrol cars