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Over the moon!


“Over the moon with this part as Audi wanted over £600 for a fuel injection pump”John W

Yes! John W (one of our customers) saved a pile of money by changing just the fuel pump pressure regulator.

So I am writing this blog to help clear up some of the myths about these regulators and sensors

This blog is about fuel pressure sensors and fuel pressure regulators

These small electronic components that are part of the control system in a modern car. Just to be clear Fuel pressure regulating valves are sometimes called fuel regulating valve or fuel pump regulating valves.

fuel pressure sensor and common rail
Fuel pressure sensor in common rail
Urban myth: you can’t just change the fuel pump regulator you have to fit a new fuel pump.

True or false: If the fuel pump regulating valve is faulty you have to change the whole pump you can’t just change the regulator valve.

False! if it is just a fuel pressure regulating valve problem then simply fit a new regulator.

A new fuel regulator valve will cost you around £130 or less and can be fitted in around 30 minutes.

A new fuel pump may cost you over £600 and will take a number of hours to fit.
fuel pressure regulator valve and pump

Urban myth: fuel pressure sensors are only sold as a set with the fuel rail included brackets common rail close brackets

True or false: Fuel pressure sensors are not sold separately you have to but the fuel rail as well

False! We sell a wide range of fuel pressure sensors and fuel regulating valves.

The common rail fuel tube is a heavy duty tube – it has to be to deal with pressures up to 2000 bar normally it is not subject to any wear – so put simply there is no need to buy it and no need to change it!

We stock Bosch Delphi Siemens and Denso fuel regulating valves and fuel pressure sensors

Fitting a new fuel pressure sensor: simply unplug the wiring loom from the sensor and unscrew the faulty sensor

Fit the new sensor and refit the plug – job done.

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